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Today we are sharing our best posts from the John Hunter Hospital Blog.  We have been delivering the best fruit baskets to John Hunter Hospital since 1988 - with delivery twice daily to ensure everyone gets exactly the freshest fruit and best impression they deserve. 

Making the right choice is all important - and getting the right fruit hamper is as simple as calling 1300 284 684.  At Fruit baskets Newcastle, we'd love to meet you and share your personal thoughts in a handwritten message with your fruit basket. 

One of the most important things with the get well soon message is sharing exactly what you feel and giving the recipient that special feeling as they recover in hospital. 

Be brave and make your decision with confidence - nothing beats the immediacy and freshness of fruit when you are in hospital. And a generous, sharing fruit basket is just the perfect delivered gift idea.

1 - Fruit Basket Specials Delivered to JHH

Here, we offer a behind the scenes insight into what makes a bestselling fruit basket and just exactly what it is that's lends some fruit baskets a winning style over the rest of the competition.

There's more then enough reasons to choose a particular fruit hamper from the other fruit baskets - but after working in the gift delivery industry for over a decade, it's nice to know some professionals have got it covered.

You've decided to send a fruit basket and you type into the search bar fruit baskets delivery - and you have a good look at what's on offer.  What exactly are you looking for?  Big generous baskets?  Great value for your dollar?  Plenty of fresh seasonal fruit?  Brilliant presentation and sparkling styling?

Gift basket #Secrets -  Handmade Gives Meaning
When you choose your fruit basket, be mindful that handmade and hand assembled fruit hampers have that personal touch that simply isn't present when you go with a factory-style fruit basket business.

Simply knowing your fruit hamper has been put together by hand with your specific order top of mind means you are most likely to get exactly what you had envisioned - not just a pack and send copy that lacks meaning and personality.

There is something about the quality and service of a handmade fruit basket that fits so well with the whole gift giving idea - it's what inspires and motivates us as fruit basket artisans

2 - Lake Macquarie Private Hampers

In a Fruit Gift basket, chocolate elevates a get well soon thought into a sensitive gesture that covers the boundary of intimacy and genuine feel good feeling.  Sharing chocolate is an age-old practice that cements relationships and strengthens the bonds that tie families, friends and our futures together. 

Making the most of your next chocolate fruit basket sharing occasion is simple using a reputable member of the Australian Fruit Baskets Association – and especially when you choose a recognised award winner with expert knowledge.

Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao beans – they are fermented, dried, roasted and hulled – and then the seed meat is ground down and  and melted to make a paste – a chocolate liquor.  When this hardens it is basically unsweetened cooking chocolate. 

This is half cocoa butter and half cocoa solids.  And here is the surprising kicker that sets chocolate apart and gives us all that delicious velvety smoothness – cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but melts in the mouth.

3 - John Hunter Hospital JHH Top Eight

Plenty of John Hunter Hospital related links and guides to share and keep you in the best JHH Hospital information available online.

A thoughtful and insightful article that has proved popular with readers - people love lists and this blog post is no different.

4 - Get Well Free Delivery

It's always a big call - offering FREE delivery and giving back to your loyal customers who support your vision and make your whole business delivering fresh fruit gifts and edible blooms a possibility.

Hospital Get Well Gifts

So we we naturally a little reluctant to go forward and take the big step and offer free shipping and free delivery on fruit baskets and hampers delivered to John Hunter Hospital.

Stats from a recent online e-commerce shopping survey published in a gift baskets industry study show that 58% of customers have added extra newborn baby, celebration, gourmet or sympathy items to their shopping basket in order to qualify for free delivery.

That's pretty impressive - but even more so when you consider the actual real cost of delivery across Sydney to Sydney shipping is around $5 per item (not including the cardboard box or packaging).  And this is when most florists and edible blooms online sellers are targeting around $15 - $19 for a fixed price delivery charge.

Best of 2014 John Hunter Hospital - the review article on #fruitbaskets for sick friends and familyn hospital.  Thanks for being such loyal readers of this blog over the year and keeping in touch - you really do make a difference when we are here typing in the middle of winter thinking about Fruit  and Hampers.  Thanks.


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