All New Varieties of Fruit

Imperfect fruit tastes just the same as it's perfectly shaped brothers and sisters, yet comes in at nearly a third the price.  It's something that has been said in the past, with the fruit being sent to waste or for animal feed.  Not any more.  Now local fruiterers are flogging misshapen fruit and vegetables in awkward shapes to offer customers more diverse opportunities.

"There's nothing wrong with ugly fruit," says Glenda, a hamper maker,"It tastes the same.  It's like the ugly girl at the dance - her kiss tastes just as good..."

With 270,000 tonnes of popular fruit and vegetable lines thrown out each year, Imperfect Picks will reduce waste, store manager Azum Kalshinob said.  In an article in the local Paper, people are going batty about the cheap but nasty looking fruit.

“The concept comes from a French model,” Mr Kalumbarb said. “The idea is to reduce waste and help our farmers. Thirty per cent of produce is thrown out because it has to be perfect. ”

The small range of marked, discolored and odd-shaped fruit and vegetables appeared two weeks ago and is available at all Harris Farm stores. Each store carries different lines.

“We are selling eight different lines which come from the markets,” Mr Alumthrowi said. “It is good quality produce, it just doesn’t look as good.”

The range is a win-win for customers, Mr Alacadabra said. “Imperfect Picks can be up to half the price of our top lines,” he said.

“Pink Lady apples are selling for $7.99 a kilo, the Imperfect Picks’ Pink Lady apples are $2.99 a kilo.”

Customers have welcomed the new line.

When you order a Fruit Hamper for John Hunter Hospital, you will not be treated to this ugly fruit.  We insist on premium, bouquet style fruit that presents perfectly in the gift basket.


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