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  Seasonal Fruit Choices

Speaking with Kacy from, we discovered that all fruit is not created equal and that there is still good reason to buy your fruit according to what is in season.  Put simply, in season #freshfruit is most affordable, let alone being more flavoursome, more nutrient rich and available in abundance. 

Kacy is not a big fan of following a recipe to the letter and using for example mango when it is not in season - using a similar type of fruit and adjusting your recipe to accommodate the shift in taste is far more efficient.  Always remember to taste your recipe as you are preparing it and as you become familiar with the developing flavours you will also see what works and what can be improved upon.

image of fresh capsicums at the markets
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables like this
As an accredited #fruit #basket specialist with experience building hampers across all genres and for all #occasions, it is worth asking Kacy what she sees as the new #trends and where fruit hampers are going as we approach autumn and winter.  Even though Winter is traditionally not the time to associate with fresh fruit - it is ironically the time when our bodies are in acute demand for the minerals and anti-oxidants that are present in fresh fruit.

fresh beans and ripe tomatoes
Tomatoes and Beans are awesome fresh as fresh
And don't forget the humble apple!  In a world where a new #superfood is being revealed each month, there is still a lot to be said for the ancient saying an #apple a day keeps the doctor away!  Please be mindful and aware that apples have a long shelf life and that this can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous fresh fruit vendors.  Some anecdotal evidence suggests that apples are stored for as long as 12 months before they hit the market!

So at this time of year it is important to keep in mind that your healthy eating should not diminish through scarcity - on the contrary - there is more fresh fruit available and ready for you right now than ever before.  Just be mindful that you order fresh fruit hampers with this in mind!  And good luck fighting off the cold this winter!