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Bestseller Same Day Delivery Fruit Baskets to John Hunter Hospital
EVERYONE KNOWS the John Hunter Hospital is in Newcastle, NSW 2300 - and it is a small town, so we all have some connection to each other - whether it be through work, sport, education or family - so making a thoughtful charity gift at Christmas in Newcastle NSW 2300 is like giving to a friend in some ways.

And in all the hustle and movement in Newcastle 2300 we can too easily forget those who live with the struggle of poverty, lack of opportunity and sheer hopelessness.  They often front up at the John Hunter Hospital for companionship or some imagined medical condition.  It is these people who should not be forgotten whilst we all gorge on unwanted mince pies, or leave half drunk bottles of beer at backyard barbeques.

SAME DAY John Hunter Hospital

When I returned to Newcastle after living and working abroad, the first thing I noticed was how small everything looked - in my memory somehow it had been stored as this big grand place with monuments and towering buildings and epic natural features.  But not the John Hunter Hospital, or JHH as the medical staff, nurses and allied health call it.

But with the passage of time, that distance had eroded the memories to the point that on seeing them for the first time since returning from Europe - everything had a kind of hometown intimacy.  I truly felt like I had returned back home to Newcastle - that being a Novocastrian was definitely part of my identity.

CHRISTMAS TIME is a time of frenetic acquisition - we move around consuming parties and gatherings and people with pace, as though there is some crazy same day delivery deadline to get in as much as we can before we settle down at some family home for the Christmas Day luncheon.

I urge you all to go out and get involved in some small way with those less fortunate - even if it is only dropping a few coins into a buskers hat.   Just give something away to a fellow Novocastrian and see how you feel - it can be a curious sensation indeed.

In Newcastle 2300 NSW - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

John Hunter Hospital Florist Fruit Hampers

Gorgeous Fruit Basket filled with fresh seasonal fruit

At the Beginning we were amazed at the difference fruit baskets and hampers made to patients at the John Hunter Hospital.  People would call us or place their order online using the secure shopping cart and then we would be parking and carrying in arms full of fruit gifts and delivered gifts for people who were currently patients at the John Hunter. 

The famous Hunter Valley Hampers Logo, since 1988

Then walking through the wards, and the looks of amazement and smiles of approval from all the people waiting outside, and most importantly the staff, who eagerly took the hampers from us and wanted to be the lucky person to hand over the 0ifruit basket to the patient and see the infectious smile and show of gratitude that it gave.
presented, designed fruit baskets for first class

It's true a fruit basket won't make a lick of difference in a week or a year from now, but when you are laid up on a bed in hospital and haven't seen a friendly face for a few days, let me tell you, it can mean the world.  Sometimes I have seen the looks in peoples eyes, and how they almost turn away, and bite their lip and try to stifle away a cry - other times it's open arms and almost wanting to give us a hug as they excitedly unwrap the envelope to read the important personal message.

The John Hunter Hospital is an important center for volunteer, fundraising and community work, and sharing the knowledge and experience of the people who have spent their lives working with patients at their most vulnerable is what they do best.  Making someone feel less alone and more welcome at this time is priceless and something that can't be taken lightly.

A great charity to support is the miracle babies foundation at the John Hunter Hospital.  It does great work helping new families with support and assistance to connect with other caregivers and allied health.  It goes without saying that any assistance or donation to help them continue their work would be most appreciated not only by the team but also by the people and children who benefit most from their expertise.

Another great concept is the idea of the everyday hero - which aims to connect people in their day to day life with the great ideals and out of reach goals that some of us may not have the chance to impact on.  Take a look at Everyday Heroes John Hunter Hospital to find out more.

Whilst we are talking about the amazing work of the John Hunter Children's Hospital, it is worth noting that the kaleidoscope unit works tirelessly to further the cause of children's health and acts as a central point for all medical and health related information and services to gather.  As a resource for local community children, the Kaleidoscope initiative is invaluable, lending the Hunter Region a first class facility to assist in the management and care of the whole range of childhood medical issues.

Of course, the children benefit from the joy and opportunities offered by the likes Starlight Foundation, which presents children with once in a lifetime opportunities to meet, experience and connect with dreams and aspirations they might otherwise not have encountered.