Gift Baskets or Gift Cards?

Gift Baskets or Gift Cards?


Today we are interviewing the team behind the well establshed - a husband and wife team of fruit lovers who have taken their business online and are now able to offer fresh fruit baskets for delivery in Sydney.  What started as a hobby has grown to become a thriving business servicing the corporate sector with get well gifts, thank you gifts and appreciation gifts for delivery.

It makes a lovely contrast to the ubiquitous gift card that has slowly but surely overtaken the gift giving landscape with it's un-branded neutrality and blandness.

We spoke with Bren and Kacy when they were in a particularly jubilant mood, having just returned from a weekend away at a yoga retreat.  Fresh faced, fit and full of vibrant energy, they explained the difference between a gift basket and a gift card - not that it needs explaining, but you get the picture.

"The question, my dear friend, is do we send a gift basket or do we just send a gift card?  It's as old as the internet, really, whether to send a gift card as a gift or to go one step further and make the decision to actually choose the gift yourself and have it sent.

The Gift Card Interview 2015

When my wife and I started out in the gift basket business back in 2007, we made gift hampers for all occasions and life events - in particular the corporate sector.  But then things changed and the drift towards gift cards meant we experienced a change in traffic - people were actually less inclined to be confident and just order - they thought the should offer the recipient the choice of what to receive.

But a gift card reduces the gift immediately to a number - you only have to look at a gift card and the most prominent thing about it is the dollar value.  So you are getting a value, a price tag - not a gift per se.  It's instantly about being judged and compared and being seen as a number or a value.

Hospital Fruit Baskets Delivered

What a real gift giving experience should be about is sharing a gift - an experience of the giver and the reciever - not about giving a chore that is having to go to a particular shop and redeeming a gift card for a crtain price point.  I know myself that seeing a $30 gift card from a big hardware chain store is as much a challenge to find something at that price point as it is about celebrating the precious moment of my birthday or Christmas."

It's clear to see that Bren and Kacy have spent plenty of time thinking about their gift basket business and the whole schemata behind gifting, giving and sharing good thoughts in the form of a physical gift.

You're invited to join them and experience first hand the magic of online shopping and sending a same day gift basket - visit the fruit basket company for more information or order by calling 1300 284 684.


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