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Got fruit ripening on the tree? Call the Gleaning Project!

Revelstoke Bear Aware is once again running the Gleaning Project in 2014. For those not in the know, the Gleaning Project is where volunteers help harvest excess fruit and take it to Community Connections Food Bank.
“Leaving fruit on the tree or on the ground to rot is just asking for bears to come and snack at your place,” Sue Davies, coordinator for Revelstoke Bear Aware, said in a statement released on Friday, July 4.
“And as the saying goes, a fed bear is a dead bear, and a far more dangerous bear too. If you can pick you own fruit, then do so; if you have too much, take it to the food bank. If you can’t harvest your own fruit, that’s when to call the Gleaning Project to come help. Volunteers will harvest the fruit, the volunteer pickers get to keep some, and the rest goes to the food bank. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

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your nutrition questions – what about fruit?

The trouble is, there are as many opinions as there are experts, and this is a big topic. Far too big for just one post, so I thought I’d start with a question I get fairly frequently – what about fruit?
Let’s break it down.
Fruit contains carbohydrate, mainly in the form of the naturally occurring sugar, fructose. Vegetables also contain carbohydrate, but typically much less than fruits, and they therefore contain fewer calories.
The idea that fruit is loaded with sugar needs to be put into perspective. Yes, there is sugar in fruit, but it’s not like it’s a sack of empty calories.

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Summer fruit recipes with a twist

Friends who are shopping for dinner parties are in a pickle. They’ve thought carefully about the main course (the most expensive part), and they like doing starters, so that is under control. But pudding? As they approach the finishing line, they’ve run out of steam. “What shall I get? I’m in the greengrocer’s now!” they pant.
There’s no point in suggesting carefully wrought p√Ętisserie that they should have made the pastry for the night before. Nor in suggesting they serve raspberries and cream, because (they believe) that doesn’t show enough effort. So I am forced to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes: thinking hard about food.

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